About Developers

Nikhil Kumar Gupta

Nikhil Kumar Gupta aka nikzdevz, a highly skilled Android App developer with over 3 years of experience & proud creator of Webr Browser with over 500+ downloads on Google Playstore. He has crafted elegant UI designs which is not only stunning but also aesthetically pleasing. He has 3+ years of experience working on Kodular, created & sold over 30 extensions. He has a community on App Inventor. He is always updated with the latest trends in the market & committed to providing top-quality industry-grade applications to his clients.

Umar Ali

Umar Ali aka zer0dayz is a highly talented developer. He has crafted several beautiful android apps with immense attention to detail to provide high-quality work in the tech industry. He strictly implements clean coding practices to provide top-notch, well-documented work that shows his commitment to quality.

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Pragya Singh

Pragya Singh is a highly talented freelance web developer. She has crafted several websites with alluring design. She is always commited to delivering high quality work to her clients. She is always updated with the latest trends in the market to provide top of the line, well-documented work that shows commitment and hardwork towards her profession.

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